Android Market coming to Nokia N9… sort of

With the release of the N9 this week it had me wondering, MeeGo being a true linux distro gives it a whole load of possibilities, which should be quite easy to port other Linux programs to run on the handset.

That was when I came across this; “Alien Dalvik”. What is that you might wonder? Essentially Alien Dalvik is a program that will take an Android app, unpack it, mess about with the guts a little, then allow it to run on an alternative OS with no disruptuion to the quality or the feel of the app.

MeeGo is not the first device that this has been rumoured for – the Blackberry Playbook will possibly be getting a similar treatment with the Alien Dalvik software, allowing it also to use Android apps.

So what does this mean for the N9? Well, it gives Nokia a boost in app availability even if it is not Nokia who have provided the apps. This alone will be enough for some people who like the idea of MeeGo but don’t want to lose their beloved Android apps.

I for one think this is brilliant; a true Linux Distro has endless developing possibilities. Give me the Android market on top of that and I’m sold!

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