It seems Google’s contactless payment service Android Pay has come to the UK a lot sooner than expected!

Earlier today, Google tweeted “Download #AndroidPay today from @GooglePlay. Now available in the UK” – with this announcement a link to the Google Play Store page for the app was also included.

Similar to the main competitor Apple Pay, Android Pay works by having payment card details entered into an Android phone that has NFC capabilities and a minimum operating system of Android version 4.4 (KitKat). All you do when buying items in a shop is look for the Android Pay sticker at the counter – or just ask the cashier if they support Android Pay. After they tell you yes, you simply pop out your phone, bring up Android Pay app and select one of your cards that supports Android Pay.

Slap it onto the contactless receiver to pay for that special hot beverage you love so very much and saving you about 6 seconds of getting the right card out of your wallet/purse/card holding item, entering your PIN as discreetly as possible and then putting all away again.

Google is a little late to the payment party as Apple has cornered the market for just under a year in the UK, but with the arrival of Android Pay it does mean that more people have the ability to pay quickly and on the go as Android is available on a more wide range of devices than Apple’s iOS which is limited to the iPhone owner.

Customers of the following banks will be able to use Android Pay from today:

Bank of Scotland
First Direct
Lloyds Bank
M&S Bank

For more info on Android Pay the official details are available at

To download Android Pay now visit the Google Play Store.