Android Update: Ice Cream Sandwich arrives in two days with new photo editing tools

With latest Android update Ice Cream Sandwich just a few days away, speculation has kicked off once more in regards to the photo portion of the new Google mobile OS. A list of leaked features gives away that snap-happy ‘droid owners will be able to edit and add filters to their shots when the dual-purpose smartphone and tablet platform rolls out this week.


Google gadget tipsters at Android Police have released an image of an icon bar claimed to be ripped straight from the ICS OS and shows various photo tweaking options including cropping, rotating, red-eye reduction to edit your snaps

As well as editing, there’ll also be a range of filters such as negative, contrast, saturation, posterize and sepia modes which will be controlled with a slider bar, much like the way many of the filters in programs like Adobe Photoshop are controlled – but this, of course, will be done by touchscreen.

It’s suggested that no less than 19 features will be included in the new range of photo adjustment tools in the upcoming Android update – perfect for making those much needed modifications before uploading your mug to Facebook through the dedicated app.

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Source: Android Police