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All 3 Versions of Angry Birds Land on BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM has finally enticed Rovio into sending those Angry Birds to roost on the BlackBerry PlayBook, delivering the full range of popular feather-flinging app games to the not-so-popular multimedia tablet.

Continuing the celebration of two years in service for the colourful little pluckers and their pig-popping crusade, available now from the BlackBerry App World are the classic avian sensation, Angry Birds, as well as eventful spin-off Angry Birds Seasons and tie-in Angry Birds Rio, which is based on the animated movie released earlier this year.

Most Apple iPhone or Android gadget owners know the score – Angry Birds gameplay involves firing the brightly coloured wingless birds with a catapult (touchscreen controlled) at their nemeses which are protected by crudely built and destroyable wood, stone and metal structures. Each bird carries a unique ability and can take out specific obstacles, and their piggy targets, depending on their speed, size and special tricks – some explode, some break off into clusters and the most recent addition inflates to maximum devastation! The game is part puzzler, and some levels need repetitive play to master and a great deal of skill to knock off all the pigs, thus clearing the stage.

Angry Birds Seasons lets you play festively-themed levels, including scenes based on Christmas, Halloween, Valentines, the Chinese Lantern Festival and more. This version also recently added a new bird – the inflatable Puffa!

Angry Birds Rio adds a further 135 levels, but the mission has changed. In this version there are no pigs but the method remains the same – fire the birds via the catapult a bust free feathered friends who have been caged up by monkeys in a Rio carnival setting. The game also introduced the movie’s main character – a macaw named Blue.

All three cost $4.99 (roughly £3.18 GBP) and will happily land on BlackBerry PlayBook tablets packing the BlackBerry OS that comes pre-installed. Unless you live in South Korea, you’ll be able to download the games today.
The Angry Birds can save their eggs, but can they save the BlackBerry Playbook?

Angry Birds (Original)

Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Rio



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