Angry Birds Boss rants again! And “Rio” gets an update – 15 new levels & play as Blu

It’s always amusing to read of another angry rant from Angry Birds boss Peter Vesterbacka and the top man at Finnish firm Rovio Mobile has once again been letting his words get the best of him during a discussion at the Casual Connect games conference in Seattle, Washington.

Angry Bird and Rovio boss Peter Vesterbacka – Which one’s angrier?

Vesterbacka is quoted as saying “Game makers will buy into their own bulls**t. You think you can make hit after hit. We know how hard it is to do that, so we are betting everything on Angry Birds.”

This in response to industry insiders and games fans alike, suggesting that Rovio are a one-hit-wonder and there is no life for the company after Angry Bird. The addictive avian title, which since its first flight on our smartphones has touched down everywhere, from plush toys and board games, and soon to be a movie.

Big V has a reputation for his outspokenness and has previously given the verbal beat-down to Nintendo and Microsoft and is overly-confident in his company’s ambitious plans before the moving away from the nest of its success – “We want to be the first entertainment brand with a billion fans. That will take us two or three years to do. Next year, we want to be the leading entertainment brand in China”.

Is Rovio’s high-flying dream a real possibility – or just pigheadedness?

Meanwhile.. Angry Birds Rio has gotten a free update for Android gadgets in the form of Carnival Upheaval. You can now actually use the Rio mascot character Blu as a featured bird and there are 15 new levels waiting for you now on the Android Market!

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