Angry Birds Creator Launches ‘Rovio Stars’ for Third-Party App Games

Rovio, the Finnish company behind the hugely successful Angry Birds series, has announced it is launching a new publishing division which will help a number of select third-party games developers catapult their apps to success.

Rovio Stars will also help mobile gamers pluck through the thousands upon thousands of games on Google Play, the App Store and Windows Phone Marketplace to find the very best app experiences and high quality app entertainment available on Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows Phone devices.

The new initiative will start with a game called ‘Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage’ which is coming soon, starting on Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad. It’s developed by Nitrome and will be published through Rovio Stars and a launch trailer reveals the game as a platform smash-up with an ancient Nordic theme. Under the icy surface the game bares a notable resemblance to the popular Angry Birds game, so Icebreaker seems a perfect first title to receive the feathery thumbs-up from Rovio.

We also think the three Stars logo is a nice touch, a reference to excellent performance in the Angry Birds games!

Since launching on the App Store in 2009, Rovio’s original game Angry Birds has now been downloaded over 1.7 billion times across all platforms and has produced a series of spin-offs including a crossover with Star Wars which recently received an update featuring popular Saga bounty hunter Boba Fett.