Angry Birds Go! Racing onto Android and iOS on December 11th

Rovio reveals that following the recent continuation of the Angry Birds Star Wars saga our furious feathered friends will come crashing back down to Earth in a completely new game called Angry Birds Go! which will be speeding onto smartphones and tablets on December the 11th.

Angry Birds Go! is a racing game which follows the tried and tested formula set out by the Mario Kart titles and it’s now numerous imitators. Like in its inspirations, Angry Birds Go! will allow players to select from a range of colourful and uniquely skilled characters.

This means players can race with the birds we’ve spent much of our free time flinging from a catapult on the original platform bashing Angry Birds apps with a selection of upgradable vehicles bought with collected coins, and like Mario Kart there are also power-ups strewn around each of the Piggy Island courses to take a slippery or electrifying advantage over other racers!

Destruction is of course the main theme carried forward from previous games and from the sneak peak trailer revealed today we can ensure plenty of car-nage when Angry Birds Go! is released as a free-to-play app at the end of the year. The game will also be compatible with Telepods, a range of physical toys which can be used to interact with on device play and were first introduced with Angry Birds Star Wars II.

Platforms to be confirmed, but we can likely guarantee launches on iOS and Android.