Angry Birds Space for Apple iPad & iPhone Gets 10 New Levels & 20 Free Mighty Eagles!

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Angry Birds Space finally launched on the BlackBerry PlayBook yesterday (check out our App of the Week). And not to be outdone, players of the number one free and paid app game on rival tablet the Apple iPad will today receive 10 additional levels to keep them busy while BlackBerry owners just start to set off on their space-based missions!

The game’s developer Rovio will begin rolling out the new levels for Apple iOS gadgets also including the iPhone and iPod Touch from today in a new update called “Fry Me to the Moon” – another hammed up spin on a familiar title, and a menacing one for those egg pinching pigs! Rovio suggests that in this latest update to Angry Birds Space which launched on March 22nd “a new moon rises and puts pigs in motion. If you thought it was hard to pop pigs in space before, just wait ‘til they’re orbiting around the icy planets in these 10 new levels”.

Not only will players be able to enjoy these new levels, but they’ll also be able to take out any of the particularly difficult gravity defying stages with the Mighty Space Eagle. For the next 20 days you’ll be able to use one Eagle per day to clear challenges in one fell swoop!

If you’ve already bought Angry Birds Space or downloaded the free ad-supported version on your Apple gadget then you can boosts your game’s levels for free from today by accepting the notification to update via the App Store. If you’re a newly installing the game you can check out the Gadget Helpline’s first impressions of the game – Here.

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