Angry Birds Space: NASA Astronauts Find Giant Catapult on the Moon in New Footage!

NASA has leaked footage of a never previously seen before moon landing and you won’t believe what they found up there – a giant Angry Birds catapult!

Clearly this is a hoax (much like the actual moon landing?) but this amusing little clip which is filmed in a vintage shaky cam style, just like the old 60’s space recordings, features two astronauts toying with the giant projectile weapon on the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite and is in support of Rovio’s next addition to the squawking saga, Angry Birds Space – which blasts off on Apple iOS and Android gadgets, as well as PC and Mac on March 22nd.

The Angry Birds Space game will be released in partnership with space-faring NASA, which recently closed down its shuttle launch program, and National Geographic. Details are vague about the game itself but it’s been said that zero gravity, slow motion movement and light-speed power-ups affect the outcome of the gamplay. Four new as-of-yet unseen birds are also set to join the feathery arsenal (this blogger has hopes they might be KISS themed after recent comments from Gene Simmons. A band with members called “Space Ace” and the “Starchild” means it’s quite possible!)

A fellow tech site grabbed a word with North American General Manager of the gaming addiction’s creator Rovio who spoke of the incoming edition which will find its place as the fourth in a series alongside the classic, Seasons and Rio: “In the build-up to launch, we’re going to make a global online announcement on Thursday March 8th at 10 AM New York time on, and we hope our fans from around the world will tune in for what will be an out-of-this-world experience.”

The video raises our hopes that we’ll see the moonwalkers launch the catapult but it sadly fades out before the red object (presumably the familiar and classic red bird) can be seen launched into space, but the end of the clip does confirm the time and date and tells us that means at around 3pm London time we will receive word on the bird.

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Quote from: Kotaku