Angry Birds Transformers Toys Revealed Ahead of SDCC

Somewhat inevitably Rovio and Hasbro have revealed a range of toys to cash in on the individual popularity of Angry Birds and Transformers and the upcoming app game for Android and iOS gadgets which will be a bizarre amalgamation of both franchises.

The Red, Yellow and Green birds from the chart-topping Angry Birds games will appear alongside other feathered friends as the ‘Autobirds’ including likenesses of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and other ‘goodies’. And you’ve probably guessed that can only mean those nasty Bad Piggies will be the ‘Deceptihogs’ lead by Galavatron.

Aside from a teaser the Angry Birds Transformers app itself is still to be seen in action and details are sparse. But the characters have been revealed by Family Gamer TV before this week’s Sans Diego Comic Con where the Telepod figures and larger playsets should go down a storm thanks to their colourful characters and massive market appeal. However, despite the concept of combining these two pop culture mega forces having a great amount of potential we have to say from what we’ve now seen of the toys we’re a little underwhelmed.

Transformers, as a brand established in the 80s is famous for its innovative designs which combine the boyhood love of action figures and toy cars and throws in the challenge of a puzzle. We recall the days of competing with mates over who could transform a Hot Rod or Starscream the fastest but this latest line just seems a bit lazy and with only a few clicks and turns the transformation is complete. Perhaps we’re just over critically nostalgic but we’d love a bit more from a $5.99 toy which looks more suited as a freebie from a Happy Meal.

What we do like is that instead of referencing directly from the IP of the recent Michael Bay movie offerings, the Angry Birds Transformers game and toys will also feature a throwback to the 80s with characters resembling the first generation ‘bots and the Matrix of Leadership also makes an appearance when the toys and app are launched in October.

It’s not the first time Angry Birds have crossed the boundaries of their own franchise and Angry Birds Star Wars is already on its second app game with an uncountable selections of figures, plush toys and other memorabilia items released as tie-ins.