Apple Acknowledges OpenStreetMap Data Used In iPhoto For iOS

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You may remember that back in March this year, Apple announced their new iPhoto app for both the iPhone and iPad, which proved to be very popular indeed.

Since the app launched, a few changes were spotted with the app itself, the main one being that Apple had decided not to use Google Map data, but instead an open source alternative which goes by the name of OpenStreetMap or OSM.

If you’re not familiar with OSM, it is an organisation that has been set-up to offer a free editable map of the world, which is managed in a similar way to Wikipedia. The maps data is created using information obtained from portable SAT NAV devices, aerial photography and other free sources.

In a blog post at the beginning of March, the team at OSM discovered that Apple were using a version of OSM’s map data to display where pictures had been taken. The data was quite old and dated back to April 2010. OSM were pleased to see that the organisation’s map information was being used, however disappointed to find that Apple had not credited OpenStreetMap within iPhoto itself.

Now, although it seems to have taken a while, Apple have updated the ‘Acknowledgements’ section within iPhoto to now include OpenStreetMap as a contributor.

It was announced by OSM via Twitter, along with a picture simply named ‘success.jpg’.

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