Apple Announces Two New Apps: Find My Friends and Cards

Apple doesn’t often release apps of its own, but yesterday at the ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event they announced two new free apps for iOS devices.

First up is ‘Find My Friends’, a new location-based app that will work on the iPhone. It works in a very similar way to Google’s Latitude app which is also on iOS as well as Android.

With Find My Friends you’ll be able to ‘Check In’ of sorts at a certain location, stating where you are and what you’re doing. Your friends and contacts that are also using the app will be able to see where you are on a map, see what you’re doing and even get directions to find you using Google Maps.

If you want friends to find you, you’ll be able to set your location and have it appear for a certain period of time on the Find My Friends map. Apple says that setting a time limit on your location helps with security and won’t waste battery and other resources on your iPhone while using the app.

Apple also announced ‘Cards’ at yesterday’s event, which was possibly the strangest Apple announcement yet. Cards is a free app that lets you design a greeting or celebration card on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from a selection of templates and images available in the app. Once you’ve customised your card, you can pay Apple $2.99 and send your design off to be printed, embossed and posted to your chosen recipient. You’ll even get a pop up notification on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to let you know when the card has been delivered.

Slightly out of the ordinary for Apple, but hey! Cards is currently only a U.S. service, and Apple haven’t announced any plans as yet to take it to other countries.

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