Remember the rumors that were circulating around an earlier event scheduled by Apple for the release of the long awaited iPad Air 2? Well, it looks like rumors have come through again, the event is go, according to Techcrunch, who were lucky enough to get hold of an invite themselves. Lucky people.

Of course here at the Gadget Helpline we’re not quite as prolific, so no invite has come our way… either that or it’s been lost in a crack down the back of the internet.

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The event in question has been confirmed for October 16th with the event itself taking place on Apple’s campus in Cupertino. We’d like to point out that the company isn’t technically an educational authority, the campus consists of Apple’s headquarters and offices. Campus can mean a lot of things, it seems. Speaking of obscurity, that tagline on the invite ‘it’s been way too long’ isn’t revealing much is it?

The event’s content will most likely be something to do with the iPad Air 2, which has been on the rumour mill for the last 6 months with leaked pictures showing up with an increasing frequency of late, leading to suspicions of the tablet’s inclusion at the planned event.

Leaked profile of the alleged iPad Air 2.

But what could we expect to see from the new iPad Air 2? Well, the device is rumored to be thinner than the original iPad Air, as well as getting up to date with the current technology and looks seen on the iPhone 6, such as Touch ID, Apple pay and a new, sleeker design.

Specs wise, we’ve seen rumors of 2GB of RAM (the allotted size of a memory chip which allows a computer or smart device to do the complex number crunching required to perform tasks) being included in the device. Indeed, purported images of a 2GB chip have surfaced online.

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If the rumors are true, it will be the very first Apple device to include 2GB of RAM memory, marking another first in a year of firsts for Apple.

Also expected to make an appearance is the new update for the Mac OS, code named Yosemite. Mac OS X Yosemite, as it’s fully called, is expected to add several new features to Macs as well as include support for 4k or even 5k displays, which may be previewed on Macs at the event.

it’s not yet known if a live stream will be made of the event on October 16th, but we’ll try to get as much coverage out of new Apple kit as and when the info arrives.

Via: Techspot

Source: Techcrunch