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Apple creates AirPlay apps category in iTunes

Apple introduced AirPlay with iOS 4.2, a nifty feature which originally allowed users to stream video from their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to Apple TV and a big screen using Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, it only offered video streaming using the native video application to start with, until iOS 4.3 was released on the 9th March, with big improvements to AirPlay included. Users can now stream Photos from the native Photos app, and Movies, TV shows and Video from the iTunes Store, Safari, Youtube and various other 3rd party applications.

To help customers find which apps work with AirPlay, Apple have created a new category specifically for AirPlay dedicated apps within iTunes both on PC/Mac and on the iOS App Store. It features some well known apps which now have AirPlay compatibility, such as ESPN Magazine, Discovery Channel HD and VEVO, as well as Air Video, a dedicated app which allows you to stream video from your PC or Mac to your iOS device anywhere.

At the moment there are only 11 applications within the “Great AirPlay-enabled apps” category on iTunes, but with the App Store always growing, and AirPlay being a great feature, we’re sure it will fill out with many more applications soon.

Via: 9to5mac