Apple May Drop Google Maps in Favour of Their Own Solution in iOS 6

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After a longstanding partnership, Apple may stop using Google’s Maps service in iOS for its mobile devices.

The Maps application found on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches the world over is powered by Google’s impressive Google Maps feature, including the photographic streetview mode. However, reports suggest that Apple will ditch Google in favour of its own mapping service.

In the past few years Apple has been working behind the scenes to create a mapping service of its own so that it no longer relies on rival Google. It has recently acquired three companies who all specialise in mapping – those being Placebase, C3 Technologies and Poly9.

According to reliable sources of Apple-based news site 9to5mac, Apple is readying the new service to launch with its next major update to iOS, version 6. This software is expected to be announced by Apple next month at its WWDC event, so we could see it debut there.

Apple’s new map solution will feature an impressive 3D mode, which is said to be powered by C3 Technologies. Users will be able to view maps in a photo-realistic 3D mode, which will enable them to easily pick out buildings, landmarks and such.

There will also be a streetview mode as there is in Google Maps, which is also likely to be powered by tech developed at C3 Technologies. Before being acquired by Apple, the company had previously shown off street level photographic mapping.

Apple has also redesigned the Maps icon that you see on your iOS device’s screen. Rather than a 2D map with the Route 66 logo, you’ll see a view of Apple’s campus at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California.

Poly9, another of Apple’s acquisitions, already makes 3D mapping tools which have been used by the likes of Skype and LinkedIn, so we can see this fits the bill of an Apple mapping app well. Apple purchased Placebase in 2009, which already produced a free mapping tool to rival Google Maps.

With the iPhone and Android battle heating up fiercely, it’s understandable for Apple to want less help from Google and offer something better itself. Which would you prefer?

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Via: 9to5mac