Apple Fined €900,000 Over Mis-Sold AppleCare, 2 Year Warranties Now On All Products

Apple are well known for the brand loyalty they inspire in their customers and the extent to which they’ll go to support them – but they can still do wrong.

Our case in point is a recent legal decision in Italy, where a court has ruled that Apple doesn’t make it clear enough that their products are covered under EU law with a mandatory 2 year warranty. Apple mentioned just a 1 year warranty on their site and also sold AppleCare extended warranties to customers, promising an extra year of coverage which was already guaranteed by the EU law.

The court fined Apple for €900,000 and has ordered Apple to change their warranty conditions on their website and in stores. Apple have stated that all EU residents will now receive the 2 year warranty demanded by law for all products purchased directly from them via the Apple Store online and in person. Products bought through a third party will continue to have a 1 year warranty from Apple, but also the standard 2 year warranty provided by the third party by law.

With the warranty conditions changed, Apple should be secure for now – but consumers tricked into buying unneeded AppleCare warranties may still seek further action against Apple.

So for those who weren’t aware already it’s great news, your Apple products are actually covered for 2 years instead of the 1 that Apple may have led you to believe.

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This article was written by William Judd. William writes for Mobile Fun, the UK’s leading online retailer of iPad 3 accessories including iPad 3 cover and iPad 3 screen protectors.