Apple Hacked! Anonymous & LulzSec tag-team take credit for hit on Cupertino co.

After high profile hits on tech and entertainment companies and world governments, it seems someone has finally taken a bite out of Apple – with members of hacker group Anonymous claiming an attack on the Cupertino, California based tech company.

The Twitter account AnonymousIRC (a tag-team of members from both LulzSec and Anonymous) has claimed the intrusion to Apple’s servers, exposing personal data from a survey including 27 administrative usernames and passwords and as far as the reports from The Wall Street Journal go, this shouldn’t affect any customers. iPhone and MacBook owners can rest easy at this time as the attack appears to be aimed at Apple’s internal business intelligence server and not the personal or financial business of Joe Public.

The tweet contained the hashtag #antisec referring to the Anti Security movement – a group opposed to the computer security industry which encourages supporters to hack into, obtain and make known classified government information from online sources while leaving the term aforementioned hashtag as a “calling card”.

This latest hack follows hits on Sony as well as US and Malaysian government servers and Anonymous tweets on “Not being so serious, but well, Apple could be target too. Don’t worry, we are busy elsewhere”.

No comment yet from Apple..

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