Low Apple iMac supplies suggest new iMac’s on the way?

This is going to be filed in the rumour/speculation section, but it would seem that the recently dwindling stocks of the Apple iMac computer across the globe suggest that Apple are gearing towards the release of a new updated version of the desktop beast.

Normally around this time of year thoughts turn towards the iPhone product range with its usual June update, but with much speculation pointing towards Apple putting the iPhone back to September, it would seem Apple have a product release hole they need to fill.

According to Mac specific website www.9to5mac.com, Apple has limited the supplies for all four of their current iMac models in all of the countries it’s stocked. Apple’s suppliers are also reportedly low on stock of the hard drives and graphics processors used in iMacs. In the past Apple generally has two calling cards for when it is about to release a product update; one: it slows down stocking and sells out of older models and two: the Apple online website goes down for ‘maintenance’.

Last year when Apple iMac stocks got low, a few weeks later Apple announced a fully updated iMac family including Intel’s new Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 processors.

So whilst this is all still speculation, it’s pretty well founded speculation, so if you are a Mac fan then keep your eyes peeled to the Gadget Helpline blog and its Facebook or Twitter feed.