Apple to begin iPhone 5S production in June ahead of September release

Apple will begin production of its next generation iPhone, which is widely expected to be the iPhone 5S, next month, according to new analyst reports.

Katy Huberty, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, notes that Apple’s key suppliers are gearing up to start production of the iPhone 5S next month. Huberty met with some of the companies who supply Apple with iPhone parts in Asia recently, which enabled her to garner information on Apple’s future projects.

She also believes that Apple will indeed be launching two different iPhones later this year, based on her findings. One will be the iPhone 5S that is widely expected and the other, a much more affordable iPhone that will be aimed at the pre-pay market.

The budget iPhone is a long-rumoured device and one that is becoming increasingly plausible – cheap Android and Windows Phone models are currently very popular amongst customers who can buy a phone outright for a low price and use on a pay as you go basis. Apple wants a slice of this market apparently, and will try to take on Google and Microsoft with a cheap iPhone later this year.

As for what the lower price iPhone will entail, we’re not entirely sure just yet. The materials used are most likely to change, with Apple swapping out the premium metal and glass case of the iPhone 5 for a tough and durable plastic.

Asides from the cheaper iPhone, Apple will start production of the iPhone 5S next month, with Sharp manufacturing the display. It’s thought that, as per the ‘S’ moniker, this year’s iPhone will be a refresh of last year’s iPhone 5. Changes are thought to come in the camera and processor departments, with rumours of an upgraded Full HD front camera and much-improved low light performance from the rear camera.