Is this the Apple iPhone 6? – Leaked Schematics made into 3D Renders

Well, it’s a bit early in the year to say this, but have we now seen what the final Apple iPhone 6 will look like? In March (well… barely)!

Yes, well thanks to some super sleuthing and general greatness by French based Apple focused Blog Nowhereelse, we may have seen the Apple iPhone 6 in somewhat of a finished form months before the handset has even had internal images that look this good.

The Apple iPhone smartphones are, year on year, the biggest handset releases, and this year’s non incremental (Full blown re-designed handset) expected iPhone release is going to be a big deal. Last year Apple introduced the Slightly updates iPhone 5S handset, which featured performance improvement, a Fingerprint Scanner and a better camera, but all in the same shell.

This year we are expecting another new design in the iPhone 6.


Thanks to a Japanese blog posted whom have posted what they claimed to be schematics for both of Apple’s next-generation iPhones (yes, there are set to be 2!), these schematics were subsequently printed by a magazine in Japan. Then mass interest in the newly leaked iPhone 6 a 4.7-inch version and phablet world entering with a 5.7-inch version, has led to the French websites graphic designer Martin Hajek putting together a series of 3D renders based on the leaked blueprint.

Assuming a few simple and consistent Apple design features (white handset, clean form, continued use of Fingerprint Scanner etc), Hajek has produced some downright gorgeous looking handsets renders, that look like they have come out of the Cupertino offices themselves.

Now, this is far from a detailed look at what Apple have scheduled for September (again an assumed date) but looking at the renders it’s not hard to see this being a next step in the Apple iPhone design.

Check out all of the Design options from Nowhereelse below including the current standard colour variations of the iPhone 5S:  White and Gold.