Cheap iPod Nano alternative: The new Creative Zen Style M300

If you’re after a diminutive MP3 player with a touch of class, the iPod Nano has hitherto had the market sewn up. Thus, Creative – long known for its reliable and capable portable jukeboxes – has seen a gap in the market for a Nano alternative and duly filed it with this: the Creative Zen Style M300.

While slightly bigger than the Nano, the M300 is still minute. Its 1.45-inch display is a full capacitive touchscreen one, which is a nice touch considering the price: the top end 16GB model will set you back £80, compared to £163 for the same sized iPod Nano. The 4GB Creative M300 costs just £39, but the beauty here is that it’s capacity can be upgraded via microSD card.

Other features include Bluetooth, an FM radio allowing for 32 presets and multiple file type support, meaning you shouldn’t have any trouble stocking it with tracks, regardless of where you acquired them.

The Creative Zen Style M300 is available now. Has its tidy price won you over? Or is the Nano far superior? Let us know on the Gadget Helpline Twitter feed.