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Apple is launching a gold 128GB iPhone 5S and here it is

When we first started hearing rumours of Apple launching a gold version of the forthcoming iPhone 5S, eyebrows were raised so far that we feared they might fall off the back of our heads. However, the more we hear about it and therefore think about it, the more it makes sense.

Reputable sources have recently confirmed Apple’s plans to launch a sort-of ‘limited edition’ version of its next iPhone, including AllThingsD, who has an excellent track record with Apple reports. The phone will feature a gold coloured case and a premium 128GB of onboard storage.

Now we’ve been treated to pictures of the phone, courtesy of French site This site has also gained a reputation for leaking Apple products quite accurately, though we’re not yet completely sold. From the early rumours we gathered that the phone would be a yellow gold in colour, much like the exclusive customised jobs seen by the likes of Gold Status.

However, the depicted phone looks to be much more of a subtle Champagne gold. Apple hasn’t stepped outside of its black or white comfort zone with the iPhone before, so we don’t really have anything to go on when comparing this colour, however we wouldn’t expect anything garish and shiny from them.

The gold phone is shown next to and stacked against the white and black iPhone 5, showing how the iPhone 5S will not really differ in terms of design and looks.

Until now the top storage configuration available on any iPhone has been 64GB, however Apple recently stepped up to 128GB for the iPad 4. With both devices using similar components, a 128GB iPhone is not outside the realms of possibility.

What do you think to the gold iPhone 5S, class or trash?