It’s not been hyped as much as the revelation that the Apple Watch is arriving on April 24th, but Apple also announced a brand new, ludicrously thin and light version of the Macbook at their recent spring press conference. the device is probably the thinnest laptop ever produced by the company, if not ever in the world of tech.

Whilst the performance of the new Macbook clocks in lower than previous versions such as the Macbook Air, the device is considered state of the art as far as miniaturization and space saving layout of components is concerned. Of course, as the chips used become smaller and some are even merged together, making these ultra light laptops and tablets becomes even easier.

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But just what is under the hood of this new Macbook, which comes in grey and the subtle muted gold seen on iPhone models recently? Well, for starters the most important part of any laptop is the CPU, the ‘main brain’ as far as computing is concerned. The new Macbook uses a dual core Intel Core M processor clocking in at 1.1GHz in speed, and backed up with 8GB of RAM memory. You also get 256GB of flash drive storage.

This basic model comes in at £1,049, but for a little more you can pick up a more speedy model with a 1.2GHz dual-core Intel Core M and 512GB of storage for £1,299.

However, the big inclusions on the new Macbook includes a haptic feedback trackpad – minute vibrations below the user’s finger give the impression of dragging over a textures surface. Additionally, the new Force Touch trackpad lets users exert extra pressure as an additional way of clicking – just like on the Apple Watch’s screen.

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Of course, a retina display screen also makes it onto this new Macbook,  the ultra resolution display which has appeared on the iPhone and the latest iMac. A 12 inch screen size for the device allows for unprecedented screen resolution of 2304×1440 pixels – a real record breaker in terms of pixel density and sharpness.

You should be able to get your hands on this new Macbook on April the 10th, when the device ships worldwide. The device has multiple configurations and color options, so head on over to Apple’s site for further info at the link to the Apple store front below.

Source (buy it here): Apple Store

Via: Macworld