Apple WWDC Banners reveal Mac Lion OS X, iOS 5 and iCloud announcements

Next week is a big week, with the E3 expo starting on the 7th of June and Apple holding its annual World Wide Developers Conference starting Monday, we can all expect a stream (or Tide) of information to come next week.

Apple however has taken a vastly different track than every other information release by pre announcing what they will be talking about in the keynote speeches.

In press release sent out by the technology giant, Apple has pre-announced that it will be taking to the stage to talk about Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 for iPad and iPhone and the much talked about iCloud.

Apple Insider has managed to sneak inside the venue for Apple’s WWDC and grab some pics of the stage setup, and some of the wall decorations all clearly showcasing the iOS 5, iCloud and Lion links.

No sign of any iPhone 5 or whatever Apple’s next handset will be so we can still assume that any iPhone announcement will be in September.

Normally Apple are super secretive about its announcements even up to the final moments before the keynotes start, but this year Apple banners have been put up with a full disclosure of the coming information.

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It would seem that Apple’s new Steve Jobs-free direction could be a little more lax on secrecy but it could all just be a big mistake… Who knows!

Either way we are now eagerly awaiting Monday for some new Apple goodness.