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Apple’s iCloud Hits 125 Million Users

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On a day when Apple announced that the company has almost doubled their profits in the first three months of the year, as well as selling 11.8 million iPads – 150% more than the same period last year, the Cupertino Company has also announced that iCloud has also been doing well too. The online storage and syncing service which ensures that your iOS devices are up-to-date and sync’d across all your Apple products, has reached the 125 million user milestone.

As figures go, that it certainly an impressive feat considering that iCloud only officially launched last October. Apple has said that in the last two months alone, they have seen a massive 25 million users sign up to iCloud.



No doubt this figure will keep rising, quite rapidly I should image. As mentioned, Apple has sold almost 12 million iPads in this quarter and sold an impressive 35million iPhones too and no doubt these new iOS owners will be signing up and taking advantage of what iCloud has to offer.

It’s thought that at this year’s WWDC conference in June, we may start to see some more iCloud services become available as Apple look to improve the popular service even further. Unfortunately thought, there is little information circulating the net to suggest what those new features may be.

I have to say, when using iCloud I’ve been impressed with the functionality on offer along with the responsiveness of syncing data from the iPhone and iPad. So, I’m certainly intrigued to know how Apple plans to develop the service over the next year. I suppose June is not that far off, hopefully some light will be shed on the subject then.

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