Apple’s new iOS 8 – Our Favorite Features!

Apple’s long-awaited iOS 8 has arrived! The operating system, which will be included on the iPod, iPhone and iPad ranges, is going to include a whole host of upgrades, updates and new features, however, design wise it’ll look exactly the same, so it’ll be a little bit more difficult to track down the changes. Here’s a list of our favourite features detailed so far;

Smart Keyboard

iOS 8’s keyboard will be a lot smarter and more up to date compared to the somewhat annoying keyboard of its predecessor. Main features of the new keyboard will be centred around predicted text features, which will intelligently detect who you’re talking to, selecting appropriate language for the recipient, meaning if you’re texting parents it may be more polite than if you’re texting a friend or partner.

This might all be for nothing though, as the new iOS will finally let you download and bolt on your own personal favourite keyboard from the app store. Just like on Android, you should  be able to use the likes of Swiftkey and Swipe very soon.

Pro Gaming

Apple’s new Metal technology comes to iOS 8. In a nutshell, Metal boosts graphics output with no additional hardware requirements, meaning gamers get more bang for their buck. Videos demoing the new technology have shown an iPad running Unreal Engine 4, so this basically means that the iPad can now equal next-gen consoles in terms of 3D graphics.

Interconnectivity Between Devices

Multitasking on your Apple products is now even easier, as tasks can be now be passed around your Apple Tech fleet. Calls on your iPhone can now be picked up from your iMac or Macbook and documents can be passed around each device when you’re on the move. Apple has also made user interfaces which affect your activities across all your iOS 8 devices.

Introducing Homekit

Homekit allows you to control your new, smarter home with your iPhone. Dim the lights, adjust the thermostat, and even unlock your door all from your mobile. You can even tell Siri you’re going to bed, and she’ll make everything cosy by the time you’re up the stairs.

Stay Secure With Touch ID

Your home button is now a fingerprint scanner, remember? Touch ID, a fairly new feature debuting on the iPhone 5s, means you can secure your device with your fingerprint. However, Apple has now allowed third party developers to harness the power of the scanner.

Don’t worry, dev’s can’t get hold of your fingerprint ID, Apple has assured sceptics. The system can be used to authorise one-touch transactions, so you can purchase eBooks, music or complete other microtransactions with just one touch of the button.

These are our favourite features from the new operating system, which was previewed in beta form at WWDC in the last few days. Sadly, you’re going to have to wait until the autumn to get our hands on the new OS. Until then, tell us what your favorite feature of iOS 8 is ijn the comments section below.