Ashton Kutcher Appears in New Publicity Shot for Steve Jobs Indie Film

As you may have read previously on the Gadget Helpline blog Steve Jobs, the American entrepreneur and co-founder / CEO of Apple Inc. will be honoured in two upcoming movies – one coming from Hollywood, another is an independent work. It’s surprisingly the latter which is grabbing all the attention due to the casting of typically comedic actor Ashton Kutcher in the title role of ‘jOBS’.

Pictures surfaced not too long ago of the star on set and we were spooked by the Punk’d presenter’s uncanny similarities to the tech tsar, who sadly passed away in October last year after battling pancreatic cancer. Now the first official shot of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs has been released and we haven’t seen a resemblance like this since we saw those incredibly realistic and incredibly creepy Steve Jobs dolls being sold unlawfully from China.

In the publicity shot, Kutcher appears in a slouched pose, replicating a famous photo featuring Jobs from the early years of Apple Inc. the company Jobs led to world dominance. With the same style facial hair has Jobs ‘back in the day’ and in similar attire and holding his trademark spectacles, Kutcher poses in front of an 80s Macintosh computer (long before the iPad and iPhone) with the company slogan ‘THINK’ also spotted in the background.

Most would need a second glance to separate Ashton Kutcher from the actual Steve Jobs as we suspect many of you did on seeing the snap for the first time!

Directed by Joshua Michael Stern and also starring Matthew Modine, ‘jOBS’ is in final preparation to be screened at the annual Sundance Film Festival in Utah, USA in January and will cover a thirty year period of Steve Jobs’ life from 1971 to 2000. The other movie will be based on the Walter Isaacson biography book ‘Steve Jobs’ and is set to release later in 2013 adapted by Adam Sorkin, writer of ‘The Social Network’.