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Assemble Your Data with The Avengers USB Flash Drives!

The Avengers have smashed their way into box office history by gaining the top earnings on an opening weekend in the U.S. $207.4 million in earnings is enough to topple Harry Potter’s final flick and the merchandising machine for Marvel’s team-up movie is in full swing promising even more profits from the franchise that’s been four films in the making. Each of those character-driven preceding movies are the basis for one of our favourite items of memorabilia now out there for sale – USB Flash Drives featuring the iconic symbols of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and The Incredible Hulk!

There are five Flash Drives available via InfoThink based in China – or assemble the full set and save not only the Earth but a potential 40GB of data! Thor is represented by his hammer Mjornir, The Hulk by his powerful green fist, Captain America is the proud star-spangled shield and Iron Man’s mask represents Tony Stark’s alter ego in both red and gold or silver.

These can be shipped in from the Eastern retailer or we found they can also be picked up on Ebay for around $50. If you want to carry your data in style and are a super nerd like us, then this is the way to do it. We covered more of the exciting ways you can celebrate the Avengers movie in a recent Gadget Helpline feature which you can check out – Here.

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