Autographer is launched as the world’s first intelligent wearable camera

Today we’ve been introduced to one of the most intriguing concepts we’ve seen in some time. It’s called the Autographer; a gadget that’s being billed as the world’s first intelligent, wearable camera.

So what is it? Well, if you could imagine having a camera built in to your body that took images throughout your day depending on where you are and what you’re experiencing, you’d be half-way there. The Autographer is a slim and sleek box that can be hung around your neck or clipped to a shirt or item of clothing, ready to take thousands of images automatically as you go about your day.

It measures 37.4mm wide including side buttons, 95.5mm long including the lanyard ring, and 22.93mm thick including the clip and lens. With a weight of just 58g, the Autographer weighs almost half the weight of the new iPhone 5, so in theory you’ll barely notice its presence throughout your day.

The Autographer knows when to take a picture thanks to an array of clever sensors inside. Packed in to that small box are sensors to measure light and colour, motion, direction, location and temperature, and when any of these variables change a photo is taken silently and stored to the internal memory.

Its maker, a company called OMG Life, has opted to use a 5-megapixel backlit image sensor with a fixed focus. The lens itself is wide-angled – 136 degrees to be precise – and classed as a ‘fish eye’ perspective, which means that more of your surroundings will be captured in a single image. Thousands of images can be taken each day, with 8GB of internal memory to use up, and at the end of the day you can either plug the camera in to your PC or use a smartphone or tablet to view back your day from a different perspective.

Software for your PC will make it easy to load up a day’s worth of images to view, as well as to remove images to make room for the next day, while an app will also be available to quickly transfer images to a smartphone or tablet to be shared socially on the go. Images can be transformed into GIFs or stop-motion videos using the software, which to us sounds great and very fun.

We can already think of a ton of uses for the Autographer, and can’t wait to test it out. It has already been tested out by some professional photographers, and we’ve been told the results are very promising. Once we’ve gotten our hands on one, we plan on wearing one to the next tech show or exhibition and turning our snaps into a stop-motion video for you.

The Autographer launches in November via the Autographer website, priced at £399.

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