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Barnes & Noble US book shops help readers complete Angry Birds levels

US book shop chain Barnes & Noble hope to lure customers into their stores by offering to help them complete levels on Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Magic Places will take flight next Tuesday exclusively through 700 Barnes & Noble stores in the United States where you will be able to use the elusive Mighty Eagle character once per hour to eliminate those pesky porkers and beat any troublesome levels while using your B&N Nook Color via the instore Wi-Fi service.

Enticing addicts of the avian sensation into a reading enviroment is a great idea, but will they be sold? We know far too many people who spend far too much time flinging their feathered friends when they should just read a good old fashioned book! But Barnes & Noble seem to have them sussed and with new location-based apps always in development we could see more stores, cafes and entertainment venues picking up this this idea.

Extending to different avenues, Angry Birds already has a tie-in with the Rio animated film – perhaps we’ll see more of these spin-offs as unique location rewards. Go to this movie and get this exclusive free gift type, for example.

For now however, Angry Birds is available through Android 2.2 on the Nook Color eReader for $2.99 – with the Magic Places “Mighty Eagle” character and Wi-Fi access free-of-charge in Barnes & Noble US stores.

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