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To Birdly Go… New Game Angry Birds Space to Launch on March 22nd (with KISS..?)

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After being teased on Facebook last week, a new completely new addition to the popular mobiley addictive Angry Birds series will be coming to Apple and Android gadgets on March 22nd and this time they’ll be Birdly Going where no aggrieved avian has gone before, in Angry Birds Space!

Following hot on the heels (or wings) of the latest expansion for the successful saga which recently saw Angry Birds touch down on Facebook with a whole bunch of friendly features and new never before seen power-ups, Rovio took to the social platform again just a few days ago to share an ominous image of a set of illuminated Angry Bird eyes with the spine-chilling statement “They’re Coming”. The guessing game began as to what this meant and now the truth is out there!

Two years after first leaving the nest and completely taking over Earth with a series of successful games, plush toys and more, a fourth edition of Angry Birds will join the original, the festive Seasons spin-off and Rio movie tie-in and send the feathered fellows further than they’ve ever been flung before – into the far reaches of Space where zero gravity, slow motion movement as well as light-speed power-ups will be factored into the game play, which will be launched in partnership with National Geographic and NASA  – who have clearly been busy with the birds since closing their space shuttle launch program mid-last year!

As well as exciting new game-play features there will be a number of new space-based birds coming along, although for now the game’s Finnish creator Rovio is teasing their appearances by revealing nothing but parts of their shape in incubation or sleep tanks – we can see however that these are unlike any Angry Bird we have seen before.

Interestingly, this eagle-eyed blogger has spotted that these are four very spiky shapes, equal to the number of members in the band KISS, whose members include Space Ace and the Star Child and bassist Gene Simmons recently revealed that the American roll ‘n’ roll brand will sometime soon appear in an Angry Birds game. We may just be counting our birds before they’ve hatched, but this would be some eggciting news!

As for the nemesis in the new out of this world edition, we don’t know if the familiar foes will become Pigs in Space or if a new alien challenge will be introduced!

We’re excited for March 22nd when the Angry Birds make their “quantum leap” for feathered kind, but remember – In Space, no one can hear you squawk!

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