BlackBerry 10 News: White Dev Alpha B appears as RIM teases first BB10 smartphone

2012 is drawing to a close, which means one thing for BlackBerry fans: BlackBerry 10 is almost here. The drastically different software launches on January 30th, 2013, and we’re starting to get a taste of what’s to come.

RIM recently launched its second generation developer phone, the Dev Alpha B, to encourage app developers to start making software for the new platform in time for the launch. As with the Dev Alpha A before it, the handset was finished in a drab black. However, we’ve now been treated to a very slick looking white version, which looks good enough to buy right now.

Two images have been posted of the handset; one an Instagram-style pic that gives little away, and one a much clearer close-up. The finish looks to be matte which looks great, and gives us hope that RIM will launch both black and white BlackBerry 10 devices in the New Year.

On the more official side of things, RIM itself has launched a news page for BlackBerry 10 online. The page allows you to register for updates about their forthcoming products and take a sneak peek at what’s inside BlackBerry 10. The most exciting thing about the page is a new teaser image of what looks to be the first BlackBerry 10 phone.

The image is of course not entirely clear and is silhouetted for secrecy, although we can see that the handset looks very similar in shape and design to the Dev Alpha A and B. The back of the phone looks to have a perforated finish all over which looks awesome, with chrome finish buttons down the side and on the top and the classic silver ‘B’ logo.

BlackBerry 10 launches on January 30th 2013, with two different handsets expected to launch. One will be full touch, whereas the other will feature a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard.

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Via: N4BB