BlackBerry 10 OS coming to all BlackBerry PlayBooks

The company formerly known as RIM, has had a big day with its launch of the latest BlackBerry 10 operating system and Z10 and Q10 smartphones, but with all this new it’s good to hear that the company is still looking backwards at its older products.

In this case the BlackBerry PlayBook range of tablets, as BlackBerry has confirmed that it will be bringing the latest smartphone and tablet OS to the older tablets. Good news all round, but that’s all the information we currently have as to when this change will be happening.

With the BB10 launch today it was a large scale attack for just the two handsets to showcase the OS, so the move to change over the PlayBook’s OS is something many expected. This also shows that BlackBerry (the now re-named RIM) has still got some footing in the past with its massive range of legacy devices.

Last year we saw numerous discounts to the PlayBook devices that made them an absolute bargain, which would seem to be even more of a bargain now that the PlayBooks will be getting the latest OS on them.

The news was announced by Thorsten Heins, CEO for BlackBerry ,who said that “Our plan is to upgrade all existing PlayBooks to BlackBerry 10.” During the BB10 OS announcement BlackBerry announced that the new OS will support three resolutions at 1280 x 768, 720 x 720, and 1280 x 720.

The first two resolutions are used by the BlackBerry Z10 and the Q10 smartphones which means the 1280 x 720 resolution could be for for the PlayBook, which would see the tablet devices getting a resolution boost to 720p.

When the update will land is still a mystery, as is which order the devices will get it, but so far day one of the new BB10 system is looking mighty good.