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First BlackBerry 10 Smartphones Leaked in Developer Software

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Hidden well inside the software loaded on Research in Motion’s first BlackBerry 10 smartphone, the Dev Alpha, are the codenames of 9 would-be BlackBerry 10 devices.

Last week RIM officially announced BlackBerry 10 as a new operating system for full touch smartphones and keyboard-based ‘Berries alike. It also gave out a test phone to developers called the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha, which is intended to help devs create apps for the platform before it launches, and doesn’t actually make calls.

Developers who have been working with the phone for the past week or so have unearthed a file hidden within the software, which seems to point out no fewer than 9 BlackBerry 10 devices, which all go by their codenames. They are:

  • Nevada
  • Winchester2 LTE
  • Winchester2 HSPA+
  • Winchester2 LTE HSPA+
  • Colt
  • London
  • Blackforest
  • Nashville
  • Naples

Some of these names have leaked before; for instance we’ve even supposedly seen the London in the flesh, which has recently been confirmed as the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone to go on sale by a BlackBerry developer on the Crackberry forums. The Colt is actually the codename for the Dev Alpha phone.

There’s a distinctly world places theme to the codenames, which is interesting. It would also appear that RIM is planning to launch three versions of the ‘Winchester2’ handset, with LTE and HSPA+ versions to suit different countries. This may allude to the Winchester2 being one of the big guns coming from RIM.

Unfortunately the file found on the Dev Alpha phone didn’t give up any more clues, such as specifications or sizes. All we know for now is that BlackBerry 10 is gathering pace and RIM plans to hit us with plenty of new gadgets in the future.

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