Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 video tutorials leak

Some tutorial videos have leaked for the unannounced Blackberry Bold Touch 9930, which give us a good look at both the handset and the new Blackberry OS 6.1.

Blackberry news site N4BB got a hold of the videos yesterday, which were taken down by RIM themselves shortly after.

Four instructional videos were leaked, showing you how to make and receive calls, navigate the homescreen, insert the SIM and a general ‘Basics’ video. There’s also a hardware video which shows you where the function buttons are located on the device.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of information gained from the videos can be found within the ‘Basics’ video. RIM have included pinch-to-zoom within OS 6.1, which allows you to easily enlarge a photo or zoom in on a web page. Check it out below!

Via: N4BB, BGR