Blackberry Internet Service Down in UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa Today

If you’re a Blackberry smartphone user then chances are you’ve had a rather frustrating day trying to get your handset to browse the web, send emails or access the BBM service.

Research in Motion, the company behind Blackberry; have suffered quite a serious server failure today which has resulted in an outage of the Internet service across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa (otherwise known as the ‘EMEA’ region).

Networks have taken to Twitter to apologise for the outage to their Blackberry customers, and have naturally pointed the finger at RIM. T-Mobile has been informing customers via Twitter all day, and has also posted a message on their online support forum to explain the issue.

According to reports, the problem begun at around 11 AM today UK time. The outage is affecting web browsing, email and the hugely popular BBM or Blackberry Messenger service, and has been doing so all day. The outage has left potentially millions of Blackberry smartphones internet-less, with only the ability to call and text (and play brickbreaker, of course) left.

Outages and problems have become quite frequent for Blackberry users recently, with the service going down across North America several times as well as in Europe. Today’s outage is by far the worst to date, though.

We’ve been following the latest on this issue from our UK networks and it seems that there is still a major problem for RIM and their Blackberry users in many countries.

Have you experienced issues with internet connectivity on your Blackberry today? Let us know what troubles you’ve had, express your frustrations in our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.