BlackBerry PlayBook 4G Appears in Pictures with Native BBM App

Further evidence has popped up, pointing towards a new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet with mobile network connectivity. New pictures show what could be a 4G variant of the 7-inch tablet, including what looks to be a native BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) app.

N4BB got hold of two rounds of leaked pictures, depicting a PlayBook with a SIM tray hidden behind the charging and HDMI out ports are. We have to say the picture looks legit to us, and the tray system shown looks neat and well designed. The side of the tablet in the picture shows ‘BlackBerry 4G PlayBook’ on the side to back things up.

Along with the initial picture showing a SIM slot, the tipster sent pictures of the settings screen on the tablet, which itself contained a Mobile Network option. We’ve known that RIM has plans for a PlayBook with mobile internet connectivity for some time now, with a leaked promo image appearing not so long ago. However, the source of the photos claims the tablet is ‘4G’, although RIM’s advertising shows a ‘3G+’ device, capable of connecting to the fastest HSPA+ networks, with a top speed of 42Mbps.

A second round of leaked photos shows that RIM is working on a native BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) app for the PlayBook, at long last. Currently PlayBook users have to connect a BlackBerry smartphone to their tablet using the Bridge software in order to use BBM, effectively sharing the app with the phone.

You can’t tell much from the picture above, but it looks like an early version of BBM for the PlayBook. With BBM on board and a 3G connection to use it almost anywhere, this looks to be the PlayBook that many BlackBerry fans have been dreaming of.

It’s still early days, and the pictures are obviously of test models and not the finished thing. Are you excited for this PlayBook?

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Source: N4BB