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Blackberry Playbook will NOT have dedicated Email app

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Ahead of its April 19th release in the US and Canada, reviews for the Blackberry Playbook have started to surface. Impressions appear to be mostly good so far, though some reviewers have picked up on some serious failings within the tablet’s OS.

The Blackberry Playbook will be the first Blackberry device sold without dedicated email, calendar and address book applications. It must be a cold day in hell.

You will be able to access email, calendars, address book and Blackberry Messenger (BBM) on the device, but only by means of “Bridging” it with a Blackberry mobile phone.

Blackberry Bridge is one of the most interesting and unique features of the Playbook; it allows the user to pair a Blackberry handset with the Playbook, and share their email, calendar, address book and BBM apps with the tablet. Without a Blackberry handset though, you’ll be stuck with a 7-inch tablet which has no access to email, calendar or contacts.

New York Times reviewer David Pogue was shocked at the sheer lack of applications on the Playbook, and even said the device’s tagline should be “there’s no app for that”. Despite having to pair with a Blackberry mobile, Pogue was impressed with the Blackberry Bridge application, especially as it provides internet tethering to the tablet at no additional network cost.

RIM are promising that the missing applications will be added to the device this summer (June apparently), though until then you will have to tether with a Blackberry handset to use Email, Calendar and Contacts.

These shortcomings make us think RIM have really rushed their product to market in the hopes of competing with the likes of the iPad 2 and Motorola Xoom, but was it a good decision? People who don’t own a Blackberry and are just looking for a Tablet device will surely be put off buying the Playbook, at least until June anyway.

What are your thoughts on the Playbook? Has the lack of apps put you off, or are you a die-hard fan who can’t wait to Bridge your Blackberry with a Playbook? We’d love to hear from you, so leave us a comment or tweet us @Gadget_Helpline.

Via: New York Times