Blackberry Touch demoed in new YouTube vid

A 2-and-a-half-minute video featuring the Blackberry Touch has surfaced on YouTube, showing the RIM smartphone in hands-on action.

The bootleg clip shows off the Touch smartphone itself as well as flicking through the Blackberry OS 6.1 interface but sadly “artxenonart”, the ‘tuber demonstrating, speaks entirely in Thai the whole way through the video, so we have no idea what he’s actually going on about!

With rumours abound for so long it’s nice to see the Blackberry Touch actually working and this video really shows off a generously sized screen with sharp and clear features, all good for the touch-screen functions which look slick and smooth.

We just wish the demonstration would have gone on a little longer, and showed a little more. But for now the Blackberry faithful should be satisfied!

Check out the video, and if you can translate Thai let us know what’s being said and let us know your thoughts and comments on our official Gadget Helpline Facebook page!