Blackberry Touch/Monaco caught on camera

Tech News website BGR has got its hands on a pre-production model of the Blackberry Touch, otherwise known as the Monaco or Monza.

The Touch will be RIM’s first touchscreen handset to not feature the ‘Storm’ moniker, and it seems as though RIM will be dropping their “SurePress” click-touchscreen technology found on the Storm and Storm 2 handsets as well.

Though it looks very similar, the Blackberry Touch will be a different handset to the Curve Touch model that was leaked back in January. The Touch is slimmer, lighter and generally better looking than both of the Storm handsets, and will run on RIM’s newest OS 6.1, which hasn’t yet been announced.

BGR are also reporting that OS 6.1 will feature a new “login” service, whereby Blackberry users log in to the OS using their Blackberry ID and password, like you would currently do when accessing Blackberry App World.

We expect to see the Touch, Curve Touch, and Torch 2 all officially announced at the Blackberry World Event in May. Stay tuned!

Via: BGR