Bowers and Wilkins announce the C5: Their first in-ear headphones

The audio purest’s popular choice, Bowers & Wilkins have just announced their first in-ear headphone called the C5, no doubt to the delight of B&W users.

The new C5 headphones has been designed to hook over the ear using the headphone cable; this should ensure a comfortable fit and hopefully mean they won’t fall out should you decide to go for a run.

The Bowers & Wilkins C5’s also includes noise-isolating technology which is designed to provide you with natural sounding acoustics, the company also say due to the design of the headphone it also helps reduce the noise bleed effect, which is quite common with in-ear headphones. B&W also say that the “high-mass material is located closer to the user’s ear, which gives an improved seal for better sound and noise isolation”.

Finally, the C5’s are also fitted with a microphone, MFI remote and also support both Apple’s iPhone and iPhone. According to B&W they will be arriving August this year and will cost around £150.

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