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Brand-less Samsung Galaxy S6 to Go On Sale in Japan

Samsung will be releasing its latest premium Android smartphone in Japan this Thursday – but oddly without its own name on the device.

That’s right, according to a Korea Herald report Samsung has chosen to withdraw all own corporate branding from the Samsung Galaxy S6 when released in the neighbouring East Asian country in a few days’ time. The mobile manufacturer confirmed this move in a statement from its Seoul HQ claiming that the Galaxy brand is “well established in Japan”.

This makes it sound like they’re doing pretty well, when what the company fails to mention is the fact that Samsung has struggled to gain much of the Japanese market last year and the source article says that only a 5.6 percent of all the country’s smartphone sales in 2014 were Samsung Galaxy products.

Rumour has suggested that Samsung would withdraw entirely from Japan after being unable to make an impact on the market the way American company Apple has been able to do with its worldly recognised iPhone brand.

Apple sold to 40.8 percent of the Japanese market and actually enjoyed a record setting 26 percent increase in overall sales in Far Eastern regions in the twelve months leading up to November 2014 – recorded shortly after the iPhone 6 was launched.

This was also during a period when Samsung was experiencing a bit of a slump globally with its Galaxy S5 smartphone which it will hope to pick up from with the new S6 model and Edge variant which were released to the UK, Europe, USA and much of the world on April 10th.

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Instead of the familiar Samsung Galaxy branding, the Japanese batch of S6 handsets will come with no logos and network provider names will be attached to them when the handsets titled the Docomo Galaxy and au Galaxy go on sale Thursday.