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British Airways trial iPads for flight attendants

High flying co. British Airways has announced its letting its cabin crew try out the latest iPads in an attempt to improve it customer’s in-flight service.

Flight attendants will now be equipped with the Apple tablet, which will include a vast range of information on safety, schedules and seating, as well as individual passenger details, such as previous bookings and those all-important specific requirements like our choice of in-flight meal.


Previously, all air-bound “trolley dollies” were armed with a weighty paper tome including up to 340 passenger’s details for every flight, so BA have decided to move forwards, using top of the range iPad tech they hope to improve efficiency of customer service, as well as reducing the need for inconvenient paper documents.

An added bonus for the scheme, which has currently been tested with positive results on 100 cabin crew staff, is that wireless 3G connectivity on the tablet allows the documentation held to be refreshed regularly and important information can be updated easily and whilst the plane is in-flight.    

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