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BT Proposes Tariff Hike

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If you are tired of talking about escalating transportation costs, then BT has come to your rescue and has provided you a new topic to

discuss. Well, the company has proposed roughly 9 percent hike in tariffs, so you got to decide whether you want to talk about it or cry about it. The changes are expected to take place from next month. If you have BT’s monthly standard line, then expect your monthly rental to increase to £13.90, up 30 pence. Don’t let the 30 pence increase fool you, as the carrier has also increase the tariff for UK landline calls. Such calls will now cost you 7.6p per minute. However, it still looks like a good deal, when compared with other carriers. Virgin Media currently charges 8.68p per minute. BT also claimed that the changes are likely to have minimal impact on its subscribers as 75 percent of its UK landline calls are free.

BT also proposed to increase its connection fee to 12.5p, whereas its minder fee will now amount to £3, instead of £2.6. However, the impact of these tariff changes will depend on your current calling plans. Subscribers with Line Rental Saver Tariff plan and BT Basic plan will not have to pay higher line rental, whereas Light User plan subscribers and BT Basic users will escape higher call charges.

BT would be sending letters to its users to inform them about the changes. In its letters, the carrier also claims that some of its users may actually lower their bills. It has cited the example of Line Rental Saver scheme subscribers, who now are required to pay £120 a year, down from £166.80. Do let us know how these changes are going to affect your bill.