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Buffalo announce new 512GB SATA III 6Gbps SSD

We all know that SSD drives are the future, although I wish they would come down a bit in price as they are still stupidly expensive in my opinion. Anyway, if you happen to have quite a lot of money, you may be interesting in knowing that Buffalo have just unveiled their latest 512GB SSD drive.

The new SSD-M512S/MC400 which has a data read rate of 405MB/s and is the latest addition to the Buffalo SSD range and has been announced just a week after the 256GB model was released in Japan.  Unfortunately it would seem that at the moment the 512GB model will be launching in Japan first, although we are hoping that it will eventually be available world-wide.

As mentioned, these SSD’s are not cheap, so if you did want to get your hands on the 512GB version you can expect to pay $1600 (around £975).

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