Call of Duty Elite social experience to launch November – Coinciding with Modern Warfare 3 release

Games developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision are gunning for the social network market with an Elite “Call of Duty” social experience when the newest instalment in the gaming series “Modern Warfare 3” drops this November.

In the style of social networks like Facebook, the Elite service will be free for basic profile setup and interaction between gamers – with a paid subscription (TBA) allowing a more explosive experience with features such as stat tracking and individual player information at gamers’ fingertips.

Players will also be able to learn about weapons “trends”, study maps to plan their operations pre-game, detailing where players have fallen afoul, or highlighting sites of great victories. The social element will also offer the chance to post videos of your finest moments to the CoD community!

Call of Duty Elite accounts will be accessible through tablets, smartphones and PC, and can be used from CoD title “Black Ops” onwards – with the Beta to start rolling out this summer on said title.

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” launches on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in November with the Elite subscription service expected to coincide with the release.

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