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Call of Duty: Ghosts hits current and next-gen consoles November 6th

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Call of Duty: Ghosts has been confirmed as the next title in the popular shoot-em-up series, and will land on current consoles and next-gen devices like the PS4 on November 6th.

Activision has decided enough teasing is enough and confirmed the game’s existence – as if you didn’t already know – and some details on console compatibility and launch. Unlike Tesco predicted when it let slip the game’s title and cover art last week, the next CoD title will again land in November and not December.

The usual platforms will receive the game on November 6th – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii U – but as a nice surprise, next-gen consoles will also get the game. Of course, Activision can’t be giving much away with regards to consoles that haven’t properly been released yet, but this will be the PlayStation 4 and next Xbox. If the game is coming out in November then we must have the new consoles to play it on by then, right? We’re getting a little hopeful here, if you can’t tell.

Other than release information, Activision hasn’t given a great deal away. The title will be developed by Infinity Ward, the same studio behind Modern Warfare 3. As for the title, ‘Ghosts’, well, we’re still none the wiser as to what that’s about. Perhaps Infinity Ward will flip the game on its head and send us hunting ghosts with a modified hoover in a haunted house, but Luigi probably won’t be too happy with his limelight being stolen.

Stay tuned for more on Ghosts as we hear it.

UPDATE: Here’s the first trailer!