Canon EOS 60Da Announced

Canon has today announced a new version of the company’s popular 60D DLSR, a new model which is specifically designed for astronomers.

The new 60Da as it will be known will replace Canon’s previous astronomy DSLR which was the 20Da. The camera features an 18 megapixel APS-C CMOS low noise sensor, along with a modified infrared filter ideal for picking up the small bits of detail in the night sky. And above all, it can be easily attached to your telescope using the relevant adaptor.

On the back of the new 60Da there is a 3-inch 1,040,000 dot LCD display which can be twisted and rotated as desired. Also included in the box is an AVC-DC400ST Stereo AV Video Cable, allowing you to connect the camera directly to a nearby TV and output the image on to a much larger screen. You’ll also get a RA-E3 Remote control adaptor for using external timers with longer intervals in addition to consecutive timed exposures which can eventually be combined. And finally, you’ll get an AC adaptor allowing to you run the camera from a mains power supply, meaning you won’t have to worry about your battery running out.

As the 60Da is a specialised camera, it will only be on sale at certain retailers and when released will cost around $1,499 (around £940).

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