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Can’t Receive Calls on iPhone 4S After iOS 9 Update? Here’s a Fix!

Over the weekend I was speaking to a friend regarding a problem with an Apple iPhone 4S, which after receiving the recent iOS 9 update has been unable to receive any calls.

The mobile network was clearly available with signal icon present at the top. Making outbound calls wasn’t an issue, neither was texting back and forth or using data services but for some strange reason this older gen iPhone just wasn’t letting calls through or ringing at all.

Having consulted the network provider and finding the SIM to be working fine in another handset and also trying the soft reset method (Home + Lock button) the iPhone 4s was still unable to gets calls. The next step, we were advised, was to visit the Apple store down the street for a professional diagnostic. Being a busy Saturday afternoon we passed and the mystery was left unsolved. But now, after some tinkering, we have an answer and a potential solution to share!

Apparently, when the iPhone 4S (or other older model) updates to iOS 9 it may alter the Allow Calls From setting – meaning only contacts in the Favourites list would be able to call. If you have no Favourites set this would certainly explain why you wouldn’t be getting any calls.

Here’s how to set it right:

Go to Settings on the iPhone

Then Do Not Disturb

Followed by Allow Calls From

Set this to Everyone

Consider this another iOS 9 bug busted!