CES 2013: Kingston launches whopping 1TB HyperX Predator USB Drive

We know, we know; a USB drive is going to come far down most people’s list when it comes to exciting gadgets. However, Kingston has got us all excited with a ridiculous 1TB pen drive at CES 2013.


Yes, you did read that right; one terabyte, on a pen drive. Kingston’s new HyperX Predator drives rock USB 3.0 connectivity and storage sizes up to 1TB, which make them the largest USB drives in the world right now. There’s also a 512GB stick which will be available from now, with the 1TB beast hitting the market before the end of March.

Both drives are USB 3.0 SuperSpeed certified, which means you’ll get speedy read and write speeds of 240Mb/s and 160Mb/s respectively, which are both much, much faster than the average USB stick that most people have lying around.

Unfortunately prices haven’t yet been revealed, although with 128GB drives (the current standard for “huge” USB drives) priced around £150 we can envision prices close to £500 for the terabyte stick. As with all technology, you’ll be paying a premium price for a world first which will drop dramatically as other manufacturers follow suit. Nevertheless, this is awesome.

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